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02 Sep

The 5 Best International Cities for Luxury Shopping

The best international cities for luxury shopping reflect an opulent focus on designing an experiential encounter between shoppers and their deluxe products. As a favorite pastime, shopping offers the thrill of the hunt with the tactile experience of finding and holding the desired item.  

Luxury shopping prioritizes the experience of shopping. While online ordering can satisfy your every wish, nothing can replace the experience of shopping in a store that caters to a specific luxury product. Quality products created from hard-to-find ingredients and exclusive designers will always provide something extra for your shopping experience. In addition to unique and best-in-market products, many luxury boutiques also flaunt stunning architecture, immaculate displays, and personalized customer service.

From London to Seoul, luxury shopping offers some of the best experiences in the world with beautiful buildings, thoughtful customer service, and so much more.

London, United Kingdom

Indulge your taste for luxury brand names on Bond Street in the West End of London. This famous street boasts a wealth of options in fine jewels, antiques, art, and exclusive brands. Many flagship fashion boutiques such as Ralph Lauren and Cartier make this street home. You’ll also find Burberry, Dolce Gabbana, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, and so many more.

After shopping, enjoy something delicious to eat from one of the exclusive and swanky restaurants along the street. One notable Spanish restaurant is Aqua Nueva with its city views from the terrace and an entrance guarded by a bull.

For luxury shopping with an English flair, Bond Street will take care of your every need.

Paris, France

Recognized as the fashion capital of the world, Paris also offers stunning architecture and swoon-worthy cuisine. With a labyrinth of streets dedicated to shopping and delicious food, tourists and locals alike never tire of all the possible shopping opportunities. The Champs Elysees is a popular and picturesque area to shop with wide sidewalks, flashy window displays, and the iconic Arc de Triomphe.

To find the luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent or Hermes, visit Rue St Honoré, which is also the street of the French president’s home. You’ll find more designer brands on Avenue Montaigne, including Fendi, Bulgari, Chanel, and Valentino.

Naturally, Paris has some of the best eating in the world so be sure to make a reservation at one of the restaurants that boast three Michelin stars, including Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenée and Restaurant Guy Savoy. Be sure to dress well for your reservation.

Hong Kong, China

Famous for its work ethic, luxury shopping options, and dazzling views, Hong Kong loves its shopping malls. The IFC Towers, a well-known shopping mall, boasts amazing views of the waterfront while the lower floors of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel flaunts Landmark, the most luxurious mall in the city.

Dive into the financial district of Hong Kong to visit the impressive collection of luxury boutiques. Brand names such as Prada, Chanel, Ascot Chang, Baccarat, and Dior can be found in a series of buildings such as Chater House and Alexandra House.

After a day of shopping, choose one of the luxury restaurants in the city to enjoy impeccable service, beautiful environment, and fine dining.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Disappear into the beauty of Monaco and indulge in the luxury shopping in this lovely location. Haute couture and recognized brand names offer everything you could want. In the heart of Monte Carlo, the Cercle d’Or sparkles with some of the most elegant boutiques, or the Monte-Carlo Pavilions provide a futuristic and high-end shopping experience.

With more than 4,000 high-end brands located in Monte Carlo, you’ll have plenty to choose from. All that’s missing is your own magic genie and flying carpet.

Once you’ve finished your shopping, check out the delicious food options of the area. Whether you want to choose market food or revel in the fine dining at Blue Bay, rumored as one of the best restaurants in the area, you can find exactly the right food to fit your style.

Seoul, South Korea

When it comes to beauty products and skincare, Seoul has established itself as the capital of beauty. With one-of-a-kind beauty products and a beauty-centered culture, South Korea has every kind of luxury cosmetic that any shopper could want.

At luxury boutiques, create your own skincare products and custom lipstick colors. Visit the flagship store of Sulwhasoo Spa and indulge in their spa services. Depending on your shopping goals, you may want to take the 40-minute drive to Cree’mare that titles itself as home to luxury skincare and cosmetics with an emphasis on beautiful spaces.

Make a reservation for a meal at Ryunique, La Yeon, or Pierre Gagnaire à Séoul. These restaurants are some of the best fine dining options in Seoul and sure to please.
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