25 Dec

Pet-Centered Travel – Travel with Your Pet

Vacation without your beloved pet often feels like a family member is missing. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. When you’re traveling, bring your pet with you to let them in on the family fun!

In the past, finding pet-friendly hotels and activities was a hassle. However, the internet has opened up a world of opportunity for connecting families with pets with pet-friendly vacations and adventures. Traveling with the whole family doesn’t have to be extra stressful, and it can even be beneficial to have your animals along to soothe and entertain your children.

Ready to travel with your pet? Check out these tips for great pet-centered travel.

Plan Your Trip with Your Pet

If your pet has never been outside of your home or yard, it’s time to introduce them to the neighborhood and city adventures. Take your pet on short drives and help them to become more familiar with their crate and leash. Visit the airport ahead of time and familiarize your pet with the sounds of the airport.

Pro Tips

  1. Take your pet on a walk before the trip to expend energy
  2. Choose the right type of crate that is large enough and can be secured appropriately
  3. Outfit the crate for comfort and with the appropriate information
  4. For car rides, buckle your pets in with a harness to keep them safe during the drive

For Health’s Sake

Before taking your pet on vacation with you, be sure that your animal is up to date on vaccinations and that you have the appropriate health certifications. You’ll want to have a copy of their medical paperwork with you in case of an emergency. Before arriving at your vacation destination, be sure that you know the nearest veterinarian and pet hospital.

Carry Proper Identification

Your pet needs to be easily identifiable if he or she should get away from you while traveling. This means having a sturdy collar that includes identification tags with your pet’s name, your name, and your contact information. Depending on how long you’ll be traveling, it may make sense to have tags that give your vacation address. A microchip identification is also a great option.
Discovering Pet-Friendly Attractions

Over the past few years, pet-friendly activities, restaurants, and hotels are becoming more and more common. In fact, many places are finding ways to specifically cater to families, couples, and singles who like to travel with their pets. One of the best areas of the United States to bring your pet is the West Coast. The warmer weather creates many opportunities for travelers with pets. Choose hikes, restaurants, beaches, and more with your pet in mind.

Specialized Pet-Friendly Hotels

Many hotels offer an experience for humans and furry friends as well, including pet spas, specialty catering, agility camps, yoga sessions, and pet massages. These little details help travelers to feel right at home while their pet receives all the pampering and attention too.

Pet-Friendly Hotels Key Components

  1. Proximity to parks and other activities
  2. Accessible and enclosed outdoor space 
  3. Amenities including animal beds, food bowls, and toys
  4. Pet-friendly restaurants and cafes nearby
  5. Outdoor shower or mudroom space for cleaning up
  6. Pet-loving staff

Fly Private with Your Pet

Many pet owners are concerned about the safety and comfort of their pet while traveling by air. After all, in many situations, your pet must be crated and be in the cargo holding area of the plane. This can be dangerous depending on the temperatures of your departing and arriving location, as well as the in-air temperatures. When you fly privately, your pet can travel with you in the cabin as long as it fits certain health requirements as laid out by the company.

Travel with Your Pet Care Kit

Just as you pack up snacks and care items for yourself when traveling, prepare a pack for your pet for day trips or air travel as well. You’ll want to be sure to include important paperwork as well as necessary items such as food, medication, and dental chews. Bring a few favorite toys, a collapsible bowl for water, and treats.

Never leave your pet at home again when you’re traveling! Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, Jet The World can get you and your pet there. We’ll take care of your itinerary and pet-friendly accommodations too! Call us at 1-888-538-7603.