Private jet travel
02 Jan

What is a Private Jet FBO?

Flying private means enjoying certain benefits such as a private jet FBO. One of the most common pieces of jargon used by private charter jet companies is the abbreviation of FBO. In context, FBO is often used in association with a private jet terminal or airport lounge, but it is so much more than that.

What is a FBO?

Private jets operate from a Fixed Base Operator (FBO), which is usually separate from an airport’s main facilities. A Fixed Base Operator is a private jet terminal at the airport. Depending on the city and airport, the FBO can be a lounge within a general airport terminal or a large purpose-built facility to serve private jet flyers, pilots, and crew. The services offered at a FBO vary on the location, airport size, and general needs.

  1. Fueling Services
  2. Parking
  3. Tie-Down Services
  4. Aircraft Hangar Services
  5. Aerial Photography
  6. Taxi Services
  7. Aircraft Rental
  8. Flight Instruction
  9. Charter Services
  10. Basic to Full Mechanical Services
  11. Aerial Advertising and Surveying
  12. Aircraft Sales
  13. Towing Services
  14. Repair and Maintenance
  15. Crop Dusting Operations
  16. Baggage Handling
  17. Pilot Lounges
  18. Sightseeing Flights
  19. Conference Facilities

What Are the FBO Amenities for Passengers?

Private jet passengers can expect a few basic FBO amenities including restrooms, a lounge area, light refreshments, and wifi. In larger airports, the FBO may be able to offer restaurants, ground transportation, luxury concierge services, food vending, family and pet services, private rooms, conference rooms, aviation supplies, lounges, showers, and in-flight catering.

What to Expect at a FBO

After booking your private jet, you receive the details of which FBO to arrive at for your flight. While small airports may only have one FBO, larger airports may have a few. In some situations, you may even have the opportunity to choose which FBO you would like to use.

Arrival at an FBO includes a greeting by the reception desk staff and an introduction to your private jet pilot. Depending on your travel arrangements, you may need to wait at the FBO for other passengers to show up. But usually, private jet flyers move quickly through the FBO to board their flight. The FBO provides quick and unobtrusive security and immigration checks as well as pre-clearance.

Fixed Base Operators

The ownership of FBOs have seen a shift from small, independent companies to a growing consolidation. Many FBOs try to compete with each other by offering a specialization such as better fuel pricing, VIP services, or another niche. It’s common for many different FBOs to exist at a large airport and city. For example, bigger cities may have 2-8 FBOs operating from the main airport.

A FBO helps to make private charter jet trips seamless, relaxing, and luxurious. As the starting and ending point for many private flights, an FBO is a stress-free interaction where private jet flyers escape the long lines of traditional airport security lines and the long waits within the terminal.

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