Cirrus Vision Red Private Jet
05 Nov

The World’s Cheapest Private Jet Now Offers Emergency Landings at the Push of A Button.

AI parking is taking to the skies with a new announcement that the Cirrus Vision Jet — the most affordable private jet with a price tag around $2 million — can now land itself with the push of a button. 

The Cirrus Vision Jet is a small plane with a wingspan of 38.7 feet, measuring 30.7 feet long and 10.9 feet tall. There is a single-engine mounted on the roof and can only fit a handful of passengers. To start the plane, all that is needed is to press the push-to-start button, similar to that of a car. And now, in emergency situations, all you need is to push a button to land safely as well. 

The Safe Return Emergency Autoland System was designed by Garmin and will be featured in the Cirrus Vision Jet. When activated the system will automatically take control of the plane and locates the nearest and best suitable airport. It then determines the best route around weather and terrain, notifies the airport and air traffic control and lands on the runway gently, where emergency services will wait. 

The system is able to be activated by a big red button on the roof of the plane that is accessible by any passenger. Due to the layout of the plane, passengers are able to see the pilots at all times, so if a medical emergency were to happen to a passenger or pilot, immediate action can be taken by anyone on board. 

Unlike other automatic landing features that require continuous input from pilots, this system completely takes over the flight from the moment it’s activated. 

Once the system is activated, the pilot has a few seconds to cancel the request, and they also have the ability to exit emergency navigate and regain control of the plane at any point after activating the emergency system. Once activated, the system will broadcast a pre-programmed message over the relevant air-traffic control frequency, contacting the target airport as well as other pilots in the airspace. 

Passengers may also override the broadcast system to speak with air-traffic control directly. 

The display systems are also programmed to show important information after the emergency system has been activated, like the destination airport, weather conditions, and ETA. 

Garmin and Cirrus have made it clear that the purpose of this technology is for emergencies only, and is not to be used for landings that pilots may find tricky or to help them land in conditions that they aren’t certified to fly in. 

The Safe Return system will also be available on Piper planes as well as future planes that have been designed to accommodate it.

The Vision Jet can cruise at 343 mph with a maximum operating altitude of 28,000 feet, which gives it a range of 1,150 miles. The range can increase to 1,380 miles with the speed dropped to 276 mph. That means your trip from LA to Kansas City or from Dallas to NY can be done in style and with the additional peace of mind that comes with the Safe Return Emergency Autoland System.