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    Jet The World makes every trip special. From decorating the inside of your airplane to match your vacation theme to the perfect on-board meal of your choice; our global trips provide the perfect seasonal travel with any specific accommodations you may need or want.






No matter the day, holiday, or hour, we answer the phone. We can get you in the air on the same day as your call, whether it’s just you, your family, or your entire dinner club. When it comes to entertainment, sold-out tickets are never truly sold out for Jet The World. Schedule a last-minute holiday or plan your vacation well in advance—we do it all!



Dip your toes in the turquoise waters of the Bahamas, a coral-based archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean with more than 700 islands. While most of these islands are uninhabited, the Grand Bahama and Paradise Island provide some of the most luxurious hotels and tax-free shopping you can imagine. If you love an active vacation, the Bahamas offer scuba diving, snorkeling, cave diving, and more. Explore the deepest blue hole in the world with the shoreside Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island, which goes from knee-deep water to a sudden drop of 663 feet. Schedule your trip today with Jet The World.


Turks and Caicos


Catch some rays in Turks and Caicos, an archipelago of forty coral islands in the Atlantic Ocean that rarely see bad weather. Whether you stay at one of the gorgeous resorts on the island of Providenciales or in the capital island of Grand Turk, you’ll discover amazing shops and restaurants. Savor local cuisines like Conch Fritters or Conch Salad, two dishes that pay homage to the Conch, or a marine snail, a historically significant part of the islanders’ diet. Scuba dive along the barrier reef; explore the underwater wall off Grand Turk Island, or relax on a deserted beach in North or Middle Caicos.

Cabo San Lucas


Throw your fishing line into the stunning waters of Cabo San Lucas, a resort city on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula and the unofficial Striped Marlin Capital of the World. This city is known for its Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament that’s held every October. With its beautiful beaches, balmy weather, and great nightlife, Cabo San Lucas offers plenty to do. Choose golfing, whale watching, sport fishing, boating, and more. Grab your sunhat and meet Jet The World on the runway for an unforgettable trip to Cabo San Lucas.

St. Barthelemy


Taste the good life on a visit to St. Barthelemy, a French-speaking, food-loving island formed by a volcano in the Caribbean. More commonly known as St. Barts, the island boasts the best of everything, with coral sand beaches, designer shops, historical attractions, and Michelin-starred restaurants. This European utopia caters ultimate relaxation with garden beaches and an emphasis on Caribbean cuisine that marries island flavors and traditional French cooking techniques. Pack your bags and fly away to St. Barts with Jet The World.



Florida, USA

Grab your sunglasses and sunscreen for a visit to Orlando, home of theme parks, sunshine, and marsh wildlife. Although landlocked, Orlando offers plenty to do for visitors from the well-known amusement parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to outdoor nature activities such as kayaking through the Cypress Forest or the Everglades. For visitors who love shows, shopping, and fine dining, Orlando has a wide range of options. Throw on your Mickey ears and hold tight to your wands to zoom to adventure with Jet The World.


Hawaii, USA

Say aloha to the sunny side of life when you visit Hawaii, an isolated volcanic archipelago with 8 major islands. With rugged cliffs, majestic waterfalls, and multi-colored beaches, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful backdrops for your tropical getaway. Kick back and enjoy the relaxed culture of the islands. Whether you prefer golfing, helicopter tours, beach hopping, or a sunrise lava tour, there’s something for everyone. Be sure to indulge in a cup of coffee that’s brewed from Hawaiian-grown coffee beans. Join the Jet The World family and visit Hawaii today.

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