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    The Jet The World Jet Card membership allows you guaranteed availability any day of the year.  There are no long term commitments and no hidden costs. It’s the simplest way to manage your travel on the most luxurious, safest aircrafts in the country. Never worry or wonder again about fluctuating costs or limited availability. 




Join our Jet Card membership program. It’s simple: pre-pay for flight hours in increments of 25-hour blocks. When you’re ready to fly, choose a category of jet to meet your specific needs. Your account will be deducted only for used flight time.  You will not be charged for any aircraft repositioning, any wait time, or overnight fees. After you’ve used your hours, purchase more or walk away.

Simple. Safe. Sweet.

Once you’ve got your personal Jet Card, you’re set. When you need to fly, let us know and we will get you there. No extra fees, contracts, or considerations. Without any of these worries, you just focus on what’s important. 

Simple, competitive pricing

There are no hidden costs, no price fluctuations, and nothing to worry about. Your Jet Card secures your flights, no questions. Choose between the different category of aircraft that best fit your needs, and that’s it. 

Personal service

With your Jet Card, you will have a single, dedicated Jet The World account manager available 24/7. Familiar with you and your travel preferences, your account manager is always ready to take care of your travel details. Always know who to call.

Safety is paramount

All aircraft are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure peak performance and optimum safety; and our pilots are held to the highest industry standards. Fly confidently in the knowledge that you’ll never have an issue between destinations.

Quality & Availability

Never worry about flight availability again. Our vast fleet of private charter aircraft is always at your convenience with guaranteed availability for your flights. Your travel just became simpler, knowing that you have top-of-the-line aircraft at your beck and call.



Absolutely not! Our program is designed to be all inclusive with no hidden fees or changing costs.

No you are not. You are billed for the time in the air only. The only additional fees are for third-party costs such as de-icing, catering, ground transportation, and WiFi. The cost of the air transportation is locked-in with your card purchase.

Yes, you may! We can factor in your hours based on the class of jet you utilize for each trip.

No they do not expire. You may use your hours with no penalties at whatever time and date you wish. 

No the card holder does not need to be on board, however written documentation does have to be granted to utilize the hours on the card. 

Jet the World can have your wheels up with as little as a 2-hour notice, however, prior notice is recommended if possible to ensure availability. As an air charter broker, Jet the World has access to thousands of aircraft and will contract with a direct air carrier to get you the aircraft you need, when and where you need it.

No there aren’t! Our program is designed to include the air transportation, all Federal Excise Tax as well as segment fees, so you are never surprised. You will not be charged for any re-positioning, wait time, or overnight fees, rather Jet The World absorbs these costs as part of the flat fee for flight hours. See our Jet The World Jet Card terms and conditions for information on third-party costs such de-icing, speciality catering, ground transportation, and WiFi.

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General Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Jet the World. We answer emails as quickly as possible in the order they are received. Please provide all relevant details in your inquiry to ensure that your message is handled efficiently and appropriately. Depending on the complexity of the inquiry, additional time may be required to research the request so we can offer you the best travel opportunities. For an immediate response to your questions or to schedule a flight, call us at 1 (888) 538-7603.