23 Oct

Gulfstream's New G700 Revealed in Bid for Biggest Private Jet

The planemaker Gulfstream has just unveiled plans for a private jet with the “tallest, widest, longest cabin in our industry,” according to Gulfstream president Mark Burns. They are marketing to the world’s wealthiest fliers with the model’s bigger cabin and longer flight range. 

Coined the G700, the new private jet will be capable of flying 7,500 nautical miles and will have a cruising speed just below the speed of sound. This new model is expected to debut in 2022 with a price tag of $76 million. 

24 May

What to Expect When You Fly Private

If you’re new to flying on a chartered or private plane, you might have some questions about what the experience is like. What should you expect from a private flight? 

The good news is that private flights can be the best air travel experience you can have. When you fly private, you can expect no security lines, no baggage check-in, and no waiting for hours in the terminal. You can also expect comfort, privacy, and flying on your own schedule. Flying private means having your flight and travel catered to your needs, whether you desire efficiency or luxury or both.

24 Mar

Flying Private Travel Accessories

Travel accessories are a must, regardless of whether your flying public or private. While flying private reduces hassle and stress, the physical travel can still be hard on your body. Regardless of where you’re flying, it's essential to have some specific accessories to help make the trip easier and less demanding.

While we know that every traveler will have different essentials, here are a few accessories to make your journey even better!

06 Mar

Islands Worth Flying Private To

Flying private is an experience in and of itself, but the luxury of flying private to a hard-to-reach island is incomparable. Private islands offer a true escape from the onslaught of daily living. The journey begins from the moment you board your private charter jet and zip down the runway to touching down on one of these stunning islands.

24 Feb

Flying In Style: Our Airplane Profiles

At Jet the World, all of our aircrafts combine luxury with speed and efficiency. We provide a number of options to fit the need of every client; whether a recreational trip or a business commute, we are here to get you to where you need to go. To get you started, we’ve highlighted 7 of our premium aircrafts to pick from for next trip around the world. Want to see all of our options? Be sure to check our entire catalog of available jets under the Aircraft tab in the menu.