Challenger 601

Bombardier designed the original Challenger 601 with the primary goal of passenger comfort. It is unusually wide-bodied and can carry up to nineteen passengers in its 8.2-foot wide cabin, yet it has a transcontinental range and is able to complete nonstop flights between almost any two cities in the United States.

Challenger 604

The Challenger 604 is a newer version of the 601 design, incorporating more advanced GE CF34-3B engines; increased fuel capacity, including saddle tanks in the rear of the aircraft; new undercarriage for a higher takeoff and landing weight; structural improvements to wings and tail; and a new Rockwell Collins ProLine 4 avionics system. A lot of power can be found in the Challenger 604. With eight passengers, the 604 can fly 3,850 miles, and at .74 Mach. Like the Challenger 601-3A, the aircraft consists of a glass cockpit: the Collins Pro Line 4.

Challenger 605

The Challenger 605 is one in the series of business jets manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. It performs well due in large part to its two General Electric CF34-3B engines, producing 8,729 lbs of thrust apiece. Equipped with the same wings and engines, the long-range business jet performs similarly to the 604. It can travel over 4,000 nautical miles at a Mach .80 maximum. Its maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is 48,200 lbs.

Challenger 850

The Challenger 850 has undergone many design modifications from the former airliner. This includes steel brakes in the place of carbon, computer-controlled fly-by-wire system, and single point and over-fueling. By redesigning its airframe, the 850 ELR can carry an additional 4,000 lbs of fuel than its predecessor, increasing payload, range, and takeoff weight. The 850 can travel at .85 Mach and reach a certified flight ceiling of 41,000 feet. During the climb, it takes a relatively quick 32 minutes to reach 37,000 feet. Its maximum takeoff weight is 53,000 lbs.

Falcon 2000 LX

The Dassault Falcon 2000 is a French Business jet complete with a twin-engine and transcontinental range. The Falcon 2000 LX is famed for its ability to land at over 90% of its maximum takeoff weight. Two seats can fold down flat, to enable comfortable napping in bedlike form. A wide variety of interior decorating options are available – for example, there are eighteen different metal finishes to choose from just for the bathroom sink alone as well as a stand-up lavatory and 134 cubic feet of accessible baggage space.

Falcon 900

The Dassault Falcon 900 is a French-built corporate jet aircraft made by Dassault Aviation. It, and its larger sibling the Falcon 7X, are the only trijets in production. The Falcon 900 design incorporates composite materials and is used by the Escadron de transport, d'entraînement et de calibrage which is in charge of transportation for officials of the French state.

Gulfstream 450

The G450 is known for connecting continents with ease. Fourteen passengers fly in a spacious and comfortable cabin which includes a full-service galley. A NetJets flight attendant is onboard every flight to help ensure the passenger’s comfort and safety. With eight passengers, the G450 flies nonstop from New York to São Paulo, Brazil, with miles to spare before reaching its maximum range of 4,350 nautical miles/8,056 kilometers.

Gulfstream 650

The G650 is a twin-engine business jet airplane produced by Gulfstream Aerospace. It can be equipped with a full kitchen and bar and may be equipped with a variety of entertainment features including satellite phones and wireless Internet. The jet uses two Rolls-Royce BR725 engines, each producing a maximum thrust of 17,000 pounds-force (75.6 kN).The G650 flies at more than 92 percent of the speed of sound for thousands of miles with fly-by-wire precision. That same design innovation created a quieter, roomier, more adaptable cabin teeming with advanced technology.

Gulfstream III

The Gulfstream III is an all-weather, long-range, high-speed aircraft that comfortably seats 12 within a spacious cabin, amid luxurious accommodations and in-flight amenities. This business class jet is designed and developed by Gulfstream Aerospace. It’s superbly outfitted, both technologically and aesthetically, to promote genuine productivity and full relaxation as per the individual needs of any traveler.

Gulfstream V

The G550 is a business jet aircraft produced by General Dynamics' Gulfstream Aerospace unit, located in Savannah, Georgia. The G550 has the efficiency to fly 6,750 nautical miles/12,501 kilometers nonstop but also is capable of operating out of short-field, high-altitude airports. The G550 can transport up to 18 passengers and still has the range to fly nonstop more than 12 hours.