Citation CJ1

The CJ1 is the second generation of the extremely successful Citation Jet series. It comes with all of the advantages that the original Citation Jet offered, but with improvements in economy and performance. Its status as the second generation Citation gives the advantage of using a private jet design that has been tested and modified to exceed the success of the first model – the Citation Jet.

Citation Mustang

The Cessna Citation Mustang can be described as an entry-level business jet belonging to the extremely successful Citation series. Aimed toward owners of lightly pressurized prop-jets, the Mustang delivers excellent value in the compact light jet category. The Mustang adheres to Citation’s promise of performance, efficiency, and style. It can cruise at speeds as fast as 340 knots true airspeed. At sea level, the Mustang can take off in just 3,110 feet.

Phenom 100

Made by one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Brazil-based Embraer, the Phenom 100 is a very light twin engine jet. Able to accommodate four passengers and a single pilot, this small private jet is ideal for individuals or small companies.The Phenom 100 has a comfortable range of 1,160 nautical miles and can climb to 37,000 feet in just 23 minutes.The Phenom 100 is also powerful. Two Pratt and Whitney PW617F-E engines power the Phenom 100, providing a thrust for takeoff of 1,695 pounds each.

Raytheon Premier 1

The Premier 1A’s cabin is one of the biggest for a private jet of its size, seating six passengers in a 315 cubic-foot cabin. Measurements are 13.6 feet long, 5.5 feet tall and 5.6 feet wide. The cabin is designed with contoured headroom for maximum passenger comfort. Fold-out tables on both sides of the aircraft, LED lighting and fully reclineable, extra-wide, contoured seats further prove the aircraft’s comfortability. Also available are an array of cabin entertainment systems and interior trim/finish upgrades.